Chapter-18 PMA Write-up

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Chapter 18 challenges the walkthrough

This chapter discussed packing and unpacking techniques.


Packing identification:

With tools like Detect it Easy we can see that the entropy of this is very high 7.50329 and DIE identifies that the packer is UPX.

Also with PEview, we can see that in .text the virtual size and size of raw data are very different.

And also this sample has UPX section and this is an indicator to the packer. Also, the import table has a few imports and all of them are indicators of packed files like LoadLibraryA, GetProcAddress, and VirtualAlloc.

Looking at disassembly:

After loading the sample in IDA Pro and scrolling down to the end of the code we will see that the sample will make a jump to byte_40154F

  • this location is so far from the calling location and
  • this jump at the end of the code

So this jump may be the tail jump, let’s take this location in X64dbg to see what is inside it.

We will see a lot of add byte ptr ds:[eax], al, and if we go to 00409F43 when the jump calling

and set a breakpoint on it and run the sample, we will get the original instructions:

Now, we can dump this code to analyze it, I will use Scylla to fix the import table and dump the process on the disk.

Now, we have the unpacked code and we can see imports GetCurrentHwProfileA and we can analyze it to know its functionality.